My beautiful mum and her little dog Minnie in the late afternoon light of the forest. Minnie is a miniature Dachshund and is about 14 years old now and quite deaf. She is one of the most loved dogs in the world, but she has never been one of the most well behaved dogs in the world. This little dog runs her own show and was once famously kicked out of dog obedience classes. Minnie may only have 10cm legs, but she is not afraid to tell off my much bigger dog when she needs it. Or just any other dog (regardless of size) when they need it (partly why we don't take her to the dog beach these days, but that also has something to do with her love of popping beach balls). On walks when she is let off the lead, Minnie takes it upon herself to protect the world, and to chase anything that looks like it may pose a danger to anyone, anywhere, and so many times I have been doubled over laughing on walks watching Mum chasing this tiny little dog who resembles an otter when she runs. Minnie also thinks she is quite the little smarty, and so will try to convince us less intelligent humans that is dinner time at least five times a day once it gets past about 2pm. Even after she has actually had dinner, she will still try to convince you that she hasn't had dinner with vigorous enthusiasm. Minnie knows that she is Queen of the Universe, and makes sure that my dog Cleo knows this as well. Since Minnie is the size of a cat, she has a cat-sized bed, and since Cleo is more of a dog size, she has a proper dog size bed, but of course Cleo isn't allowed to actually use her own bed; Minnie knows that Cleo's bed is actually for Minnie, and that Mum's bed is actually for Minnie, and that anywhere Cleo wants to lie down is actually a spot just for Minnie. Minnie also doesn't like eating chewy dog treats and usually just buries them in the garden, but when Cleo is here and we give them both treats, Cleo will inhale hers within 5 seconds, and Minnie will actually carry her treat around in her mouth for upwards of an hour (until Mum takes it away from her) because if she buried it like usual then Cleo might find it and Minnie just could not let such a thing to happen. Minnie does have a gracious side though, and so will allow Cleo to play with her every now and then (10 minutes absolute max) and sometimes when Cleo gets a bit too excited and wants to hump Minnie, sometimes Minnie will allow that as well. Only sometimes though. What a force of nature this little dog is x