Caitlin and Liam

Caitlin and Liam are both friends of mine, they are both photographers and they are both next level good looking. I *needed* to photograph these people. So I did. And here are the photos. Caitlin is extremely beautiful and graceful and I quite often think she should be an elf or something like that, but she has this hilarious other side to her and sometimes just comes out with the dirtiest and creepiest jokes you have ever heard, ever, from this angelic little face. Liam is very patient and lovely, but he also sneaks in a cheeky joke now and then (not quite up to the same level as Caitlin's jokes though).  At one point during the shoot I was just photographing Liam, and I got Caitlin to stand just behind me so that Liam could look at her lovingly, and I'm fairly sure she flashed him. Exactly the facial expression I had in mind! They made it really easy for me, I would tell them where to stand (and they would say, oh yeah, we know this pose), and I would quickly snap a couple of shots before Caitlin would crack of one before-mentioned jokes and then Liam would lose it and it turned into a giggle fest and I just kept snapping away. So with the beautiful afternoon light and these two happy lovers, I was just so happy doing my thing :) x Thanks Liam and Caitlin for having me :)