Keeping Time

Over the last few months I have been shooting for Keeping Time, a local play about the relationship between life and death. These are the images from their final dress rehearsal. They play was magical and gave me goosebumps. I'm so proud to have been involved with such a brilliant production run by talented and passionate people.


"Keeping Time" asks the big questions. What makes life meaningful and what could drive a person to end it all? Is there life after death and, if so, what might it look like. Could it ever be possible for the two worlds to openly commune? And, if the living and those who have passed over did talk, what questions might be asked, which regrets might be voiced and how much more truthful might the conversation be? "Keeping Time" explores these big issues through a melding of real and fictional characters with true and imagined histories. Locally based and internationally acclaimed "Skylight Ensemble Theatre" brings you their latest offering inside a very special venue whose own rich and complex history of characters and stories provided initial inspiration for the creative process. Since its foundation in 2005, "Skylight Ensemble Theatre" has consistently provided a forum for collaboration between a vast array of like-minded theatre artists. This is an ensemble collectively dedicated to making theatre which seeks to inspire its audiences to think big, cherish life and make change."