Jess and Adam

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in Perth I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot/physical endurance test (30% photos, 70% physical endurance test) with the beautiful Jess and Adam. It's always lovely when a client chooses you to capture a particular moment of their lives in your style, but it's just that little bit extra lovely when said clients are both photographers (Jess is a fashion photographer and Adam is a landscape photographer) - it also makes me just that little bit extra nervous! When I arrived to meet them I was firstly blown away by the combined attractiveness of the two of them, and then by how down to earth and fun they both were - I love it when people just relax and have fun with their photos and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves a little bit. A big thank you to Jess and Adam for having me, you made my job very easy :). This shoot didn't come without it's challenges though - not really for me, more-so for Adam who in no particular order battled spider webs and snakes, climbed a tree (sort of), had to give endless piggy backs, carried Jess over treacherously sharp rocks, fought with a tiger (again, sort of) and had to do some more piggy backs whilst spinning at the same time. Good work Adam, all in the name of art. Thank you beautiful Jess and Adam x