"You're in the Pilbara now, love"

My little family of four went on a road trip. I think a family road trip would perhaps be challenging at the best of times, but when you consider that my little family of four comprises of my divorced parents, and then myself and my brother (23 and 26, I think) and that we haven't seen said brother in about two years it does seem maybe a little more challenging than usual. But apparently travelling with toddlers is pretty crappy as well so you never know, maybe we got off lightly. A lot of eyebrows were raised at us in the lead up to this trip.

My brother Steele was living in Broome, and he had a boat which he needed to get back to Margaret River to store before he leaves for Europe. The problem with this is that he doesn’t have a car. So Dad decided he would drive up and pick up Steele and his boat. And then I decided that I would go as well, because it was a free trip up north. And then we decided that we should borrow Mum’s car as it was the best suited to the trip. And then mum said you can’t take my car without me coming, and so that is how we all ended up in the one car.

The trip nearly didn’t make it out of Perth, because as I was about to drive through a green set of traffic lights a lady just walked straight across the road and we came so close to hitting her, and then SHE glared at ME when it was clearly her fault. Well, mum wasn’t having any of that so she opened her car door (backseat of course) and yelled “IT WAS A GREEN LIGHT, LADY”. Greatest moment of my life, seeing my tiny pretty little mama just yelling at this lady (it was totally justified by the way). Dad and I laughed for about half an hour straight, and then we told as many people as possible that mum yelled at this random lady… but we very quickly realised that the story was so, so much better if you added in a few swear words that mum may or may not have said, and also put in the extra embellishment that mum also threw a mandarin at her. So now a lot of people think that Mum is potty mouthed mandarin throwing badass. It is the absolute highlight of the trip.

We drove the two and a half days to Broome sleeping in swags at various points and stopping in at all sorts of wonderful little towns and service stations. One such service station was charging $11.80 for a small bottle of water, and when mum queried the price was told in no uncertain terms by a lady with a mullet called Raylene that "you're in the Pilbara now, love, these aren't Perth prices". Hence the title of this post. Another highlight.

We picked Steele and his boat up and then made our way back down south stopping in at Karijini and Exmouth. And Port Headland, which had the best people watching by far. 

There were only a few moments of escalated tension on the trip (mostly related to Dads never ending commentary on everything imaginable, or Steele not trusting anyone to drive with his boat  on the back, or Mum not trusting anyone with her car, or me glaring at anyone who looked like they might start a fight), so it was a success and such a cool thing to do with my family. 

Here is my little visual story of this trip, a mix of digital, film and polaroid. My photos are basically  a collection of random little details which probably only I find interesting, like textures and colours and the way it felt seeing how the light hit different things.